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Friday, April 27, 2007

Travels through Letter Writing

Geraldine Brooks' 1998 book Foreign Correspondence, A Pen Pal's Journey from Down Under to All Over,will have you pulling out your old scrapbooks and memory boxes in search of letters from past pen pals and fretting if you can't find them. It'll even have you toying nostaligically with the idea of looking up your former, fellow inky-fingers in a 'Where are they now?' search.

In this memoir Brooks' chronicles her years of growing up in Australia and her attempt at escaping the boredom she felt living in a place that, to her, seemed so remote. Letter writing was her relief from life's dullness and this cocky kid goes off with pen and ink in search of just the right correspondent. This quest leads her to befriend several other armchair or,if you will, writer's-desk travellers. The epistolary adventure has one of those endings that make you look up from your copy of the book and into the distance as you wonder at the outcome of the saga you just read about. Really, it's good!


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