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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Introducing Romy!

Introducing the official Good Books, Bright Side kitty! How beautiful is she? She's a literate kitty, too. After poring over Of Mice and Men yesterday, she had a hankering for something lighter. Romy is the GBBS kitty, after all; while she appreciates a great literary work, she also loves to look on the bright side. So now she's having a hard time choosing between Beverly Cleary's The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Eve Titus's rodent sleuth The Basil of Baker Street. Then there's also Stuart Little by E.B. White. Too much good stuff to choose from!

Well, a love of words is bound to blossom when your kind have grown up in bookstores for ages and ages. And when you're named after the French word roman, or novel, you're practically destined for it.

Actually I, after surveying Romy's pleasure-reading picks, am inclined to read some of these myself. How very odd. Never was that interested when I was a wee one. But then I don't know which of her nine lives she's on; compared to her I may be a youngster, indeed!


Shimona said...

My own elegant Pixie sends greetings to Romy and suggests Paul Gallico's "Jennie". The boisterous Possum, on the other hand, being inclined to swashbuckling adventure yarns, warmly recommends "The Three Mouseketeers" by M. Alexandre Dumouse.

Jemima said...

Romy sends a big hello to Pixie and Possum and will add these recommendations to her list. Thank you, Shimona!

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