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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss California isn't the only looker on the block

Well, is it pageant season or what? I'm not sure there even is such a thing. Certainly pageants have been in the news with the big Miss CA controversy that never dies.

The allure of pageants died for me long ago. And this blog is about books, not looks. Still, I spied a picture of Charlotte Bronte today and thought to myself, What a looker! So, I thought I'd open the topic of literary lookers. Reader, I'm asking your opinion: Which writer was to-die-for great looking in addition to talented with pen or quill.

My nominations go to the aforementioned Charlotte Bronte and to a gentleman who's not my favorite author, but whom I always thought of as quite something in the beauty department: Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Who's caught your eye?


Shimona said...

How about Lord Byron?

Jemima said...

Hi Shimona,

How could I forget Byron?! Of course...He was quite a looker from the sound of things. I once heard that women chased the carriages he rode in. Hee! That's very likely to be untrue, but it's a funny thought, isn't it?


Shimona said...

Well, Lady Caroline Lamb might have - considering she used to follow him around dressed like a page boy...

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