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Monday, May 19, 2008

The accessories of reading

Bookmarks and bookends and personalized bookplates,
Big shelves and small shelves with doors made of glass plates,
An old, first edition to which the cover barely clings,
These are a few of my favorite things....

Okay, I guess the old, first edition is a bit of a stretch as I haven't got that kind of inventory in my personal library, but you get the picture. I like books and bookish things. What booklover doesn't love the accessories that go with the hobby? It's why bookstores nearly double as gift and stationery shops.

I especially like bookmarks. They're economical. They're sweet. They can convey a sage quotation or beautiful photograph. They're art. And they're easy to collect.

Happiness is an impulsive bookmark purchase!

A bookmark is a lovely pick-me-up when you're down, consolation buy when you can't afford that book you've been eyeing in the shop window, or just a little treat for no reason at all. And when you give a book as a gift, it is both utilitarian and decorative to add a bookmark as an adornment on the top of the wrapped gift - an inexpensive, multi-tasking item that buoys spirits as it marks your page.

I do love my bookmarks. So often they're doing their job hiding away mid-chapter never to see the light of day unless one of the books they've been paired with is getting some attention. And then they're just brushed off to the side, ever at the ready to resume their duties once I have need of them again. So I thought I'd take my shy little page markers out for a photo shoot and give them the attention they deserve. Get ready for your close-ups, you most favored literary accessories. Smile!

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